8 Strategies to Stop Drinking

8 Strategies to Stop Drinking

The growth stage is all about improving and moving forward. During this period, you can expect to develop new skills you may have never learned that made you more susceptible to AUD in the first place. Loosid is best if you are worried about losing the social aspect that you connect with alcohol. By Kendra Cherry, MSEdKendra Cherry, MS, is a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist, psychology educator, and author of the “Everything Psychology Book.” It is important to remember that one size does not fit all. If you try one approach and end up experiencing a relapse, it may indicate that a different approach might work better for you.

One 12-ounce can of beer contains about 5% alcohol, and a standard glass of sherry is 3 to 4 ounces and contains about 17% alcohol, according to the NIAAA. Get helpful tips and guidance for everything from fighting inflammation to finding the best diets for weight loss…from exercises to build a stronger core to advice on treating cataracts. PLUS, the latest news on medical advances and breakthroughs from Harvard Medical School experts. Our experts continually monitor the health and wellness space, and we update our articles when new information becomes available. Consider writing them down and keeping notes on hand, so you have a physical reminder to look at when you need it to help motivate you to stay the course. Finding or reaching out to other sober people can also help.

Renewal Center for Ongoing Recovery

Make meetings a priority – Join a recovery support group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and attend meetings regularly. Spending time with people who understand exactly what you’re going through can be very healing. You can also benefit from the shared experiences of the group members and learn what others have done to stay sober.

How to stop using alcohol as a confidence crutch – CNN

How to stop using alcohol as a confidence crutch.

Posted: Sun, 15 Oct 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

It’s how you keep your cool when you feel overwhelmed and anxious. There’s a reason you’ve reached the decision to quit or cut back. Whether it’s improved relationships, better health, or weight loss, keeping the “why” in sight can help boost your motivation. Self Recovery uses a holistic treatment model that considers the underlying causes of addiction and incorporates these into a self-help program. The program also takes into account life stressors such as busy schedules, family obligations, financial problems, and judgment from others. The Loosid app is designed to connect people seeking sobriety with others on the same journey.

Finding new friends who don’t drink

Just make sure they understand that you’re serious about the change. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in particular offer support from other people who know how to quit drinking alcohol safely and are going through similar struggles. It can be helpful to make a plan ahead of time for how to handle a relapse. For example, some people choose to write a list of reasons why they want to stop drinking alcohol, and revisit the list to remind themselves after a relapse. You may want to speak with a loved one or therapist about a strategy to prevent relapses from happening.

  • Then, you can begin to prepare the appropriate preventative steps.
  • Instead of aiming for complete abstinence, for instance, aim to drink fewer than seven days a week.
  • Overall, nearly 20% of people who drink in this category have alcohol use disorder.

Consider setting up a reward chart with things you really want — maybe it’s a dinner out at a new restaurant or a pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing. Set targets for each reward and enjoy them when you get there. You could even go all-out and tips to quit drinking reward yourself with something big with a major milestone like a year alcohol-free — a vacation sounds lovely, for example. If you’re really committed to cutting back, one of the best things you can do is get the booze out of your house.

Best for Women: Women for Sobriety (WFS)

The same study found that a break from drinking had lingering positive effects on people’s habits around alcohol. So many other methods of quitting drinking put fear in your mind – warning of terrible “serious” physical alcohol withdrawal symptoms. If you’re a long-term, heavy drinker, you may need medically supervised detoxification.

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